Cinderella's Closet 2007

How It All Began.......


Cinderella's Closet began as a ministry of Immnauel United Methodist Church in Lakeside Park, KY in 2006. It’s an effort inspired by a teenager, our founder, Erin Peterson met while shopping at a consignment store. Erin overheard the teenager ask a clerk if the beautiful, gently-used gown on display could be put on hold while she figured out how to pay for it.

She asked her foster mother for the money, but a prom dress is an extra in life, and its price was out of their reach. Seeing her disappointment, Erin bought the dress for her. As tears flooded her eyes, said she would look “just like Cinderella.” For one day, a little girl was transformed into a princess.

Erin was transformed as well. Shortly thereafter, Cinderella’s Closet became a ministry of Immanuel United Methodist Methodist Church. Each year we are able to help nearly 450 girls in Northern Kentucky find the dress of their dreams and renewed confidence in themselves.

What started as one dress for one girl, has now grown and we are blessed that other churches have been led to begin Cinderella's Closet ministries as well. Check out our locations and see if there is one near you. If there isn't, think of starting one of your own - here's some information about how.

Our First Fairy Godmothers

Cinderella's Closet 2007; the very first year that we "Turned Dresses Into Dreams"